Writing Discussion #1

Hey guys, how is your week? I hope you're all well.
For me, tomorrow is the last day before my Hanukkah holiday (though Hanukkah is officially starting next Tuesday). I hope I'm going to have some fun in this holiday before I need to continue my last year of high school, which it is going to be tough.

Well, you're probably wondering what this post is all about, then I should get started. This post, I'm going to ask for advices from YOU.

I used to have a friend whose received from me every chapter I have written for my story. She told me her opinion, fixed some stuffs and advised me. Now, I am having a little problem with this kind of stuff. I can send her chapters, but I figured she doesn't give me "Full and Professional" review about my story. She mostly enjoys it. I can't really blame her for that, but I want to improve my writing.

I used to feel confident when I knew someone had read the chapter and liked it, it helped me to keep writing the next chapter. I felt my story is fine and my direction is good.
However, now I'm starting to feel that you have to show the real "product" to your critique and not a work in the progress. I'm not sure what I should do.

Who are you taking advices from regarding your writing? And more important- Do you ask for a critique in the middle of your novel (or anything else) or that do you write all of it and then ask for a critique?

I am really asking for your opinion, it'd help me a lot with my writing! So, it doesn't if you don't write "professionally" or don't consider yourself experts.  I truly need your help and I'd love to hear anything you'd like to say.


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