My Writing, Me and Everything Else

I have been writing for a few years. I can't say when I exactly started doing it, but it's been a hobby for long. It has been serious some other times.
My first story was completed in June, this year. It is not the first thing I've written, but it's the first story I have finished. (besides a short story) Since then, I had struggled a lot with writing. At first, I had a problem with the story I started writing later. I tried to write something different, something I haven't done before, but I have found out later that it wasn't for me. I wasn't ready then, and I'm not ready yet. I needed a new story.
On October, when I had a free time after some busy months, I tried to write again, something new. I wrote 5k words and then.. family issues. I couldn't write for a long time. Then, I couldn't because of me.
Last week, I came home and opened the file. I read these 5k and then kept writing. I wrote 706 words! Can you believe it? I remember days I couldn't make it to 100.
I've written today 1,210 words. I have more than 2k since I started all over again.

The story I'm talking about has been planned in my mind and my notebooks since 2008. I started writing it then and stopped writing for a reason I don't remember. In the years that pass until October, I kept thinking about this story, wrote a few parts that should happen in "the future" and believed someday I'd write it. I am doing it now.

This story has a lot of versions. Most of them exist only in my mind. I am writing and finding a new version. I'm no longer sure who's character everyone is, what everyone should do, and how the story continues. I love it.
I am writing without planning, knowing only the main paths and hoping I'm not going to regret it later.

For me, the writing finds me everytime. It doesn't matter if I try to give up or to convince myself it's not good. I just can't do anything else when all I want is to open a new file and get my words to hear.

I'd love to hear about your struggles with writing, to take any advices if you want to share or just to read your thoughts.
Thanks for reading.


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