Wrappin Up Readathon- First Post

I just heard about this awesome readathon at Jessie's Remarkable Reads. I need to read 5 books to complete my goodreads challenge and I'm not sure I can do it. I need a readathon to push me forward! Besides, I love them(:
So, if you want to join, enter Jessie's blog and sign up. You can read all the details there.
Good luck to everybody who participates!

The books I'm planning to read:

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)
The Book ThiefHeroic Measures: A NovelDark Inside (Dark Inside, #1) Across the Universe

First day- 22/12
I read 135 pages of "Dark Inside". (Started from page 112 today)
I hope I can finish this book tomorrow.

Number of Pages: 135. 
Goal: 0/5 books.

Second day- 23/12
I read last 82 pages of "Dark Inside"- finished.
I read the- 200 first pages of "Across the Universe".

Number of Pages: 282.
Goal: 1/5

Third day- 24/12
I read 198 pages of "Across the Universe"- finished.
I read 190 pages of "Heroic Measures"- planning to finish this one today.

Number of Pages: 378.
Goal: 3/5

Fourth day- 25/12
I didn't read today. Anyway, I'm going to complete this challenge! :D

Number of Pages: 0.
Goal: 3/5

Fifth day- 26/12
I read 50 pages today. I know it's not a lot, I'll do better in the weekend. 

Number of Pages: 50.
Goal: 3/5

Sixth day- 27/12
I read 208 pages of "Meant to be". I hoped to finish this one today but I midnight came.. only 39 pages to read!

Number of Pages: 208.
Goal: 3/5

Seventh day- 28/12
Last day of Hanukkah- what means party is over! I read the last 39 pages of "Meant to be" but I don't think I'll get more reading today (or tomorrow, since it's 1am) since I have homework to do for Thursday.

Number of Pages: 39
Goal:  4/5

Eight day- 29/12
No reading today.

Number of Pages: 0
Goal:  4/5

Ninth day- 30/12
I don't remember exact number, but I have read something like 200 pages of "Someone Knows My Name".

Number of Pages: 200
Goal: 4/5

Tenth day- 31/12
Finished with "Someone Knows My Name".

Number of Pages: 240
Goal: 5/5

Completed my goal! 



  1. Good Luck & Happy Reading!

    P/S I'm your new follower

  2. The Pledge is amazing I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Oh, cool idea! It feels like I hardly ever have time to read anymore. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. Yay, you'll read AtU in time for A Million Suns to come out!! Good luck, and I'm sure you can get those 5 done, or at least close to it :) I'll be stopping by later to see how you're doing!

    Brenna from Esther's Ever After

  5. Thank for all of you! You're awesome.
    Good luck!! :D

    Carolina- I know what it feels like, it happened to me this year a lot. I try to read a lot while I can!

  6. I absolutely loved Across the Universe! In fact, I want to try and reread it before A Million Suns. Good luck!

  7. Good luck and I hope you meet your GR goal! :D

  8. I LOVED Across the Universe! And The Pledge looks awesome! Happy Reading! You can check out my Readathon List if you have time

  9. Thank you guys!
    I think I will read Across the Universe tomorrow(:

  10. Good Luck! ill be around more on twitter to chat starting after christmas :)

  11. I'm taking part in this one as well :) I hope to get tons done.