A Surprise In The Middle of Tel Aviv

So, I always keep complaining about not finding any book I actually want to buy. If you visit here sometimes, you may know I found a great bookstore in Tel Aviv (Israel), that I really really like!!

I have taken some pics to show you the cool stuff I found yesterday!

You probably can't understand how much I am excited for finding those, because you can find them in any bookstore. Well, here it's nothing like that! I needed to take two buses only to get to this bookstore. A closer look:

These books' prices is like double the price for a book in the Book Depository so it isn't the best option for me. However, I love the feeling of getting out of a store with a book in my hand. I want to buy from them so they keep getting these amazing books. I hope that way more people will read them!
I found some more great books there but haven't taken more pictures (I really regret that now) so I'll have to do that in the next time. (hopefully next week!)

And of course I couldn't get out of such amazing bookstore without a book. Say hi to my new friend!

LOOK! I have 3 books in the picture, right?!
I came back home to find two packages waiting for me. However, these belong to the new IMM post :P

So, last thing, I'd like you to recommend me one book from the pictures above that I may purchase in my next visit! (Note: I already have City of Bones.)


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