Review: Hurricane by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Reading the first chapters, I believed I have read too many books with the same plot: A new guy comes into school (or two guys, like in here), a girl doesn't fall in love with him unlike the rest of the girls and then weird things start happen. Does it sound familiar? If not, you probably haven't read enough books.

Hurricane is nothing like them. I am going to admit I was disappointed at first but soon I've been proved to be wrong. Along with the unique aspect of the story- the hurricane, the plot finds its own way. You think you've figured it out, you think you can't be surprised anymore. Well, not true! I am impressed.

Adriana is not going to be described as my new favorite character. Honestly, I thought she was weak and afraid. She didn't stand up against people and usually let them do whatever they want without asking her. However, I loved the fact she tried to fight everything, especially in what she believed, mostly alone. For instanse: her reactions when the hurricane was announced were different than other people's. Adriana was human, after all, and it was wonderful to see her grows up and gets straightened during the book.

The other characters were well- described. Her father, her friends and the new characters she meets along the way. Her feelings are quite clear any moment and you can understand the reasons for her actions even though you don't agree with them. Overall, the writing is good. It leaves you a door into the story and lets you feel like a part of it.

I love history and New Orleans' is a great one. It's amazing to see how the author merged the city's history and culture as a huge part of the story. The hurricane's story was so unique, special and excited. It felt like I can really relate to this disaster, that somehow I actually can feel a bit of the pain of what these people are going through. Duncan has done an excellent job.

In the last pages, when I was waiting for everything to work out, I found out there is second book in Hurricane series. It hope I'll get the chance to read it when it comes out.

Hurricane is a special and great paranormal story about family, love and dealing with horrible events, like a hurricane. Adriana's story shows us her dealing with pain and loss. I believe it is exceptional story. I loved it and recommend it!

*A portion of the proceeds will go to a New Orleans charity. (Habitat for Humanity)

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