Review: Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez


I wrote the review yesterday, an hour after I finished reading it:

I hadn't planned to read this book. Actually, I haven't heard about it nearly anything and I never read the synopsis. Coming early from school today since I wasn't feeling good, made me open my Pulse It account. I saw this book there, I started reading without thinking.

It's been a while since I have read a book in a day (if we don't count the weekend). I have read a lot of good books in the last months but I simply didn't have the time to spend the whole day reading. 'Virtuosity' was the perfect book for this day.

Virtuosity is about competition, it's about turning your life's meaning into a part of a race. It's about when you simply forget the real meaning of your goals and your dreams.

Carmen is lost. She thinks she is doing the best for her, doing what she wants. Actually, she does what other people want. She has already planned her life, or as it seems, her life has already been planned for her. When she starts to control them and get into some problem, she gets scared. Carmen's voice is unique and special. She's so different from me but I couldn't help loving her and cheer for her to fight back.

The characters were amazing. I loved the description of every one of them, including those who didn't get to appear much. They were described perfectly; I could hear their words and believe it. They are loyal to the personality they represent.

The plot is interesting. The twists were believable, surprising and special. Although some parts were quite predictable, they couldn't harm the whole plot. The reader has a right to guess a bit correctly.

Lastly, I loved the writing. It was simple and good. The characters can be seen right away, the story was clear. The writing helped me a lot to get into Carmen's head even though I have absolutely no idea about playing music. Sometimes, I could even hear it. I kept a few quotes from the book, what I haven't been doing so long.

Virtuosity is a beautiful story. It was a lot more than I expected, it's a lot than what it seems. For me, it's unforgettable story; it's been amazing to draw into this world for one day.  

305 pages, 
Simon Pulse. 
Source: Pulse it. 


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