Reckoning by Lili St.Crow

I am going to admit something embarrassing, so take it easy. Okay, here it is: sometimes I read a book, fall in love with it, even write a review (especially lately) and then, a few days ago, thinking about this one, I totally forget why the hell I loved it. It might be even worse, feeling that before I write a review.

When I read series like The Hunger Games, Vampire academy and Harry Potter, it can't happen to me very often. Everywhere, everyone reminds me why it's the best book ever. When I read a series like Strange Angels, which has been less popular, you might feel that. Here is my review:

I fall in love with Strange Angels right from the beginning. I was there from the start, from book number one, maybe number two. I was waiting for each book since then, getting excited. No, it hasn't been in my mind all the time, but I definitely wanted to hear what happens to Dru. 

Every single time, while waiting for the next book, I thought: "why do I like these books? they're not so good." Guess what? I was wrong, every time. I read it again and again (before every book, besides this time) and every time I loved it even more. 

Dru is a strong character. She fights. A lot. She is lonely and lost, and she always tries to find her way. No matter how many obstacles she runs into, she always get up. She fights so she could live. 

When things starts to mess up in a book number one, Dru finds herself helpless, doesn't know what to do and how to act. She sticks to the usual things, those she's been doing since she is little. She hopes that way, she can keep some something familiar in her life. The troubles keep come, every book, every chapter. There is no moment for a rest, she always in the run. 

Reckoning was the ideal end for the series. In the one hand, it includes some familiar aspects from the earlier books. In the other hand, it has some new aspects. Dru is growing up, she has to handle alone for a long time and it takes her time to realize she has a few loyal people who would do anything for her. She has hard time believing in people, believing that things might even be.. something usual, normal. Even good.

Dru keeps to hear her family's voices in her head. She hears them in the whole series, but in the last book you might think they're not really the voices, but she is. Dru is afraid, but she learns how to trust. 

The writing is unique and special as usual. It has its own saying, Dru's voice. The book somehow can merge horror and humor. Sad and happiness. Sarcasm and genuine. It seems you can hear St. Crow's voice with the things she wants to say during the book, the lesson she is teaching both Dru and us. St. Crow wouldn't give up to her fans' will but stays with the plot she thinks is the best, including the end. I admire her more than if she'd given me exactly the end I wanted. 

In conclusion, Strange Angels is not the "usual" teen series, but has a lot more in it. I loved every book of the series.I definitely recommend it! 


P.S. I think I should open a discussion about the subject I've mentioned above. 


In My Mailbox (5)

Hey guys! IMM is a post we share the books we got this week. You can include the books you bought, borrowed from the library or from a friend. Visit The Story Siren for more details and for seeing all the amazing blogs that participate. 

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. 

I was reading this one yesterday, it's awesome. I loved it and probably would publish a review soon. 

1984 by George Orwell

It's not as good as I hoped so, but I'm still reading.

It's only two books this week. I thought I'd get Shatter Me by now, but I didn't get it yet. Next week will be hopefully better. Have an amazing week and leave a link for me of your IMM post(:



Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1)While reading the blurb, I was trying to find out what's this book is about. I didn't understand much and what I did, I believed it'd be boring. However, hearing so many great reviews about the book (both in English and Hebrew), I knew I need to find out myself. I bought it and haven't regret it at all.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is one of the most original books I have been reading lately. I don't think I ever read a book like that, its plot and its writing are so special. The blurb is giving us some background, but you can't understand much if you haven't read the book.

The writing was so different. At first, I felt the story is being told by a little boy (who is actually the main character) and it was pretty annoying. As I continued reading, I was drown to the story, got related to the story, and wanted to read any word he has said. The writing is different, not in a bad way.

Todd is the one to tell us his story. He is twelve years old and you can feel it very well in the beginning. However, Todd doesn't stay the same for long. As soon as things start to happen and he finds out he's the one in charge, he seems to grow up. Then, he shows maturity and wisdom.

Many characters in the book seem to be somehow between good and bad. Meaning, they should be good, but have done bad things, or the opposite. In this world, when the story is existed, there is a very thin line to 
separate between the two.

The Knife of Never Letting go is a story about lies and mistakes. In fact, it tells us what happens when people try to fix their errors by doing more. I like the suspense, the story's progressing and the reliable relationship between the characters. If you are looking for an original Science Fiction- Dystopia book, get this book. It is one of my favorites books of the year.



Wishlist Challenge 2012

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The wishlist challenge:
Read 12 books (one for every month of the year) that you would like to read, but don’t already have on your shelves.
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The books I'm planning to read in 2012, as part of the challenge: 
1. I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.
2. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks.
3. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. 
4. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.
5. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. 
6. The Karma Club by Jessica Brody. 
7. Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta.
8. Divergent by Veronica Roth.
9. Battle Royale by Koushum Takami. 
10. A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin.
11. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.
12. The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott.



Review: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)

Okay, let's face is: Perfect Chemistry is a cliche. I mean it, you don't need to read more than twenty pages of it to figure this out. The point? It works. Totally works.

I usually don't read or write anything about the blurb so I'll have it short. (skip this paragraph if you don't want to know) Perfect Chemistry is about a rich girl and a poor, gangmember boy. Does it sound familiar? I am sure it is. We all have heard this story, thousands of times, about what happens when two people from absolutely different worlds meet each other. Why does it work this time, again?

Brittany and Alex are two special characters. They are the same on some parts: sometimes, you can easily to related to any of them, other times you don't understand what the hell they want. Both are keeping secrets, both are loyal, feel stuck in their place. In the same time, they're completly different: their ways of dealing with stuffs, their decisions and everything else.

When you have a book with more than one point of view, you might feel one is written less than the other. It doesn't happen here: both of their points of view were amazing. Any of them was written according to the character. It was like hearing her/him talking.

Although Perfect Chemistry doesn't have many twists and surprises in it, I haven't stopped reading unless I really had to. I was reading instead of eating, studying and sleeping. I woke up more tired than when I went to bed and didn't care; this book was addictive.

I am not sure what its magic was, but it sure does have something in it- a complex of great characters, good  plot and amazing writing. I highly recommend you all to read this book! It was so worth it.



My first challenge

So, I have wanted to do a challenge for a while. I found a few but I haven't decided yet about them since I'm not sure I'll be able to keep with all of them. Anyway, I just joined-

2012 Sensational Seconds Challenge

I'm going for level 3- advanced (8-12 books). I hope I'll be able to read more of that next year! 
For now, I know I'm going to read:

* The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead
* Insurgent by Veronica Roth
* Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
* A Million Suns
* The Girl I Used To Be
*Losing LIla 

I've read: 
1. The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead
2. Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson
3. Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

I'll update more in the future! 
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In My Mailbox (4)


Perfect Chemistry by Simon Elkeles

I'm so excited to get this one. Can't wait to read it. Thank you, Noa! 

Reckoning by Lili st. Crow.

A final book to this amazing series. I'm dying to know how it's going to end! 

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Thanks to Carla from Library Mosaic

That's what I got in the last two weeks. I have 6 books I haven't read yet so I'm fine right now. 
What's in your mailbox? leave a link and I'll stop by! (I love these posts & got addicted lately.)


Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I've been excited for Firelight for a while. I mean, that's one of the books that I've accidentally heard what's it about but it's fine, no harm done! Anyway, firelight-

Firelight is a great paranormal book. In fact, it is one of the best paranormal I've been reading lately. As I mentioned, I heard good things about it a long ago and I have not gotten disappointed!

Jacinda is our narrator. The whole book she is fighting someone- her family, her friends, her life and beliefs. Though she makes clear exactly what she wants, I had a feeling that she actually wants the opposite. I felt her fighting herself the most because she sometimes insists to fight even though she has nothing for. For me, Jacinda, though her courage, seems a lost girl who wants to find some peace and to figure out what's the hell she wants.

After reading some reviews, I got to know a number of readers were angry with Jacinda's mother. I really don't understand why. Yes, I'm a teenager and could easily get the world through Jacinda's eyes. However, since the first moment, I knew her mother wants her best and she actually does a lot of smarts moves. So she made some mistakes, nobody is perfect.

As I see it, a lot of paranormal books lately (or I just paid attention to that lately) have something to do with Dystopia. I could feel this so much about this book. Fighting the system is not too easy when paranormal involves.

This book is wonderful, full of paranormal and magic. In addition, it's also about family, friends and teenagers' troubles. I really can't wait for Vanish, I heard it's so good!


Note: I wrote the review a while ago but haven't published it yet. It's about time. 


TGIF (1)

My first TGIF! I have always wanted to take a part but haven't had the chance yet. So, the question of the week is: 

Love-Hate Relationship: Which characters from a book do you love to hate?

I usually don't hate people. I mean it- I might even defend on a person who needs to be hated. However, there are times you WANT to hate someone, and here is my answer: 

Voldemort. Snape. Draco Malfoy. Countless more characters in this amazing series. The three I have mentioned are the ones I hated the most. Well, maybe at the end I felt sorry for them more that hatred but during seven books, we learned these are the bad guys. Besides, it's always fun to hate the man without the nose! 

I tried to find more books to talk about them but I can't think of any right now. The bad guys are.. just bad, no special hatred for anyone lol.

Have a great weekend! (:


Coming Back & Cover Reveal!

Hey guys! It took me some time to get back here but I'm finally here. Let's just say it was not a pleasant month for my family. I have been busy taking care of my three little siblings, the house and family's things. I need a few days to get back in track with school's stuffs and then I'll be back for real! 

 * I want to say spcial thank you for a wonderful friend who found a new name for my blog so quickly. Thank you, Noa! (@Noa_K94)
Anyway, I had to let you know about a book that made me read so many other books in English and not to wait for the Hebrew translation. Guess what? I'm still looking for seeing their covers and convincing my friends to buy them! I have to say that I'm doing a pretty good job. I'll publish statics sometime! 
Without more talking, you get it- THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY HEBREW COVER! 

It isn't the best cover for the book, especially for the first one, but it's amazing! And will draw a lot of readers, that's for sure! 
What do you think about it?! I'd love to know!