Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

I've been excited for Firelight for a while. I mean, that's one of the books that I've accidentally heard what's it about but it's fine, no harm done! Anyway, firelight-

Firelight is a great paranormal book. In fact, it is one of the best paranormal I've been reading lately. As I mentioned, I heard good things about it a long ago and I have not gotten disappointed!

Jacinda is our narrator. The whole book she is fighting someone- her family, her friends, her life and beliefs. Though she makes clear exactly what she wants, I had a feeling that she actually wants the opposite. I felt her fighting herself the most because she sometimes insists to fight even though she has nothing for. For me, Jacinda, though her courage, seems a lost girl who wants to find some peace and to figure out what's the hell she wants.

After reading some reviews, I got to know a number of readers were angry with Jacinda's mother. I really don't understand why. Yes, I'm a teenager and could easily get the world through Jacinda's eyes. However, since the first moment, I knew her mother wants her best and she actually does a lot of smarts moves. So she made some mistakes, nobody is perfect.

As I see it, a lot of paranormal books lately (or I just paid attention to that lately) have something to do with Dystopia. I could feel this so much about this book. Fighting the system is not too easy when paranormal involves.

This book is wonderful, full of paranormal and magic. In addition, it's also about family, friends and teenagers' troubles. I really can't wait for Vanish, I heard it's so good!


Note: I wrote the review a while ago but haven't published it yet. It's about time. 


  1. Glad U enjoyed it :) I hope to borrow it soon...

  2. A supernatural world fighting for survival, a teenage girl fleeing for her freedom and a forbidden romance that can easily rival Bella and Edwards, Firelight has everything to make it the next big young adult addiction. New York Times Bestselling author Sophie Jordan makes her young adult debut with fiery impact in the September release of book one in this riveting series.