Dash & Lily Book of Dare by Rachel Cohen and David Levithan

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
The truth is: I was not waiting for the book. I simply ordered it since it's been a good offer and I've remembered some good reviews about it. 

The book turned out to be exactly what I have expected: cute and funny. When I started reading, I felt the language was different, like it was simple but contains a lot of words and meaning I don't know. I wasn't sure what to do, to keep reading or leave it. I usually don't leave books; I did not do that this time. I am glad for that because the rest of the book was not the same; maybe I've gotten used to it or it became easier. Either way, I fell in love with the writing, so simple and honest. The way Dash and Lily talked about themselves was something I could only admire. 

I have to admit that in some parts of the book, Lily really annoyed me. I mean, sometimes her behavior was so childish and I couldn't believe she is the same girl she seems. I wanted to like her, if only her actions could be more understood. 

Dash was exactly the opposite; I felt he was everything he claims to be. He was funny and smart, he was loyal and sensitive. He was loner and serious, sad and lost. When he tries to find Lily, it was like he is trying to find himself as well. Dash is definitely one of the best characters to be created. 

The idea of the book hasn't been sound to me like the best one since I've heard about it. Well, my opinion has been changed: I'm not crazy about it but it was different and good. The plot is a bit slow, but the story gets the development it needs. 

I had enjoyed the time reading it and would recommend it as a cute, light and funny book to spend the day with. Yet, the writing made the book a lot better. 


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