Reckoning by Lili St.Crow

I am going to admit something embarrassing, so take it easy. Okay, here it is: sometimes I read a book, fall in love with it, even write a review (especially lately) and then, a few days ago, thinking about this one, I totally forget why the hell I loved it. It might be even worse, feeling that before I write a review.

When I read series like The Hunger Games, Vampire academy and Harry Potter, it can't happen to me very often. Everywhere, everyone reminds me why it's the best book ever. When I read a series like Strange Angels, which has been less popular, you might feel that. Here is my review:

I fall in love with Strange Angels right from the beginning. I was there from the start, from book number one, maybe number two. I was waiting for each book since then, getting excited. No, it hasn't been in my mind all the time, but I definitely wanted to hear what happens to Dru. 

Every single time, while waiting for the next book, I thought: "why do I like these books? they're not so good." Guess what? I was wrong, every time. I read it again and again (before every book, besides this time) and every time I loved it even more. 

Dru is a strong character. She fights. A lot. She is lonely and lost, and she always tries to find her way. No matter how many obstacles she runs into, she always get up. She fights so she could live. 

When things starts to mess up in a book number one, Dru finds herself helpless, doesn't know what to do and how to act. She sticks to the usual things, those she's been doing since she is little. She hopes that way, she can keep some something familiar in her life. The troubles keep come, every book, every chapter. There is no moment for a rest, she always in the run. 

Reckoning was the ideal end for the series. In the one hand, it includes some familiar aspects from the earlier books. In the other hand, it has some new aspects. Dru is growing up, she has to handle alone for a long time and it takes her time to realize she has a few loyal people who would do anything for her. She has hard time believing in people, believing that things might even be.. something usual, normal. Even good.

Dru keeps to hear her family's voices in her head. She hears them in the whole series, but in the last book you might think they're not really the voices, but she is. Dru is afraid, but she learns how to trust. 

The writing is unique and special as usual. It has its own saying, Dru's voice. The book somehow can merge horror and humor. Sad and happiness. Sarcasm and genuine. It seems you can hear St. Crow's voice with the things she wants to say during the book, the lesson she is teaching both Dru and us. St. Crow wouldn't give up to her fans' will but stays with the plot she thinks is the best, including the end. I admire her more than if she'd given me exactly the end I wanted. 

In conclusion, Strange Angels is not the "usual" teen series, but has a lot more in it. I loved every book of the series.I definitely recommend it! 


P.S. I think I should open a discussion about the subject I've mentioned above. 


  1. Great revise! I've not heard of this series. Sometimes I'll like a book and then later, after I've had time to think about it and begin to see flaws, I like it less. So I'm trying to just pin my opinion of the book on the emotions I felt while reading it, rather than on the logic I use about it afterwards because sometimes that can ruin the memory of the experience.

  2. Hey Carolina,
    I know what you mean. That's the reason that lately I write a review right after I finish the book, I think it's the best way to handle it.

    Thank you for commenting!