Review: Inside Dark by Jeyn Roberts

While reading the first pages of the book, I was curious to figure out what it's about. I have read the synopsis, reviews for and against. Then, all left to do was actually reading.

The book starts with Mason, right into his life, and the huge event he has to deal with.
Dark InsideI kept reading and surprised to find out there are four points of view. I drove me crazy. I wasn't going to read the book in one sitting and moving from one point to another while every one of narrator is in another place, wasn't a thing I really welcomed. In addition, I felt like whenever the book moved to another point of view, some things were told all over again.

The plot started good, had some downsides (a few were about the points of view I mentioned above) but it improved as long as the story continues. In the beginning, I had a hard time to keep track of everything that happened. It got better until the end. And I can tell, I liked the events that came later. 

The character confused me. I mean it, I couldn't concentrate whose every life story was, what's going on with any of the families and their personalities were kind of similar. Aries was my favorite one; she is strong and smart, she is a leader. Michael was weird; I felt like he acted differently every time, like his personality wasn't built well. The other character were fine, but I couldn't relate to them most the time. (Besides Jack, whom I liked.) 

The writing was good, the descriptions were excellent. I'd have liked it more if I could relate to most the characters. Every once and then, there are some sentences that were so familiar. I mean, when a character tries to motivate people. I felt like those could have been done better. 

Overall, although I focused in the downsides of the book, I think Inside Dark is a good one. I enjoyed it and I think the book gets improved until the end, which I really liked. I believe the series has great potential and I'm definitely going to read the next boo in the series.


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