In My Mailbox (11)

IMM is a weekly feature to help bloggers share the books they received. This week, I got these two books- 

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
Soul Screamers Volume 1 by Rachel Vincent
(My Soul To Lose + My Soul To Take + My Soul To Save)

Thank you so much for Carina from Fictional Distraction for the recommendations! 

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Audrey, Wait! & The Angel's Game

I wrote two short reviews in Goodreads and thought I'd share with you. Both these books were good! (:
(No IMM post this week :( Let's hope for a great one in the next week!

Audrey, Wait!Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was a great surprise to find this one in the library. I still ask myself why I found it in the "kids' section" while this book is not meant for kids.
The translation wasn't that good, I could feel that the original language was a lot better than the Hebrew words, but I enjoyed this book.
I liked the story, it was nice to read about that funny situation. It has origianl plot and well-built characters.
It's one of the book that I was thinking for the whole book about a friend that I-HAVE-TO-GIVE-HER-THAT-BOOK. She hasn't read it yet, can't wait for her to!
If you are in the mood for an hilarious, comedy book, go try this one. I don't think you'll regret it.

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The Angel's GameThe Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While "The Shadow of The Wind" was a difficult read for me (Because its language was too hard for me in English), The Angel's Game was easier. I definitely liked the first one better, but I enjoyed this book. I found some parts were written better in the second book, and would have loved it more if only had the ending have written differently.
It was good to see how well the authors can describe his characters. Though I got used to the shy,good narrator from the first book, the author let us meet a completely different one in this book.

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Review: The Pledge by Kimberly Derting

The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)I read the first chapter a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of interesting, but something turned me off. I gave up too quickly. On Sunday, I made myself to give this one another chance. I am so glad that I did.

The Pledge, which I didn't know it, is a Dystopian book. It has some kind of magic in it but I am not sure how to define it.
Anyway, The Pledge tells us about a future, where the queen is the only one in charge. The population is divided to three groups and you can't just go from one to another-   if your parents are merchants, you probably will be one all your life.

The book is told by Charlie's perspective, a teenager girl, nbdjknsajnthough we get to see some other points of view. Charlie belongs to the second group, her parents own a restaurant. All her life she tried to avoid troubles and to keep her little sister safe. She is a strong narrator who knows what she wants, but she is also scared of the consequences. She is protective and caring.

The characters are very easy to be related too, including Charlie's friends, her parents and her sister. Also, the people she meets are described very well. It feels realistic and right. You get to see other people's emotions and to understand what they're going through.

The world Derting created is not very originally; I mean, we read countless times about a dystopia country where the government (or the queen, in that case) takes over your life. However, while reading the book, I felt like being introduced to a place I've never been to. The book was written so good that not only did I related to the characters but I felt the environment, the rules, the fear. I could understand what any of all of these really means. For sure, not any Dystopia book I've read could have made me feel this way. 

The plot was sometimes too slow and other times was too quick. Nothing dramatic to bother me too much, but It'd be better to describe more in "the few weeks that pass" or something. Sometimes I felt like I have no idea what has changed. I heard people were saying the ending was rushed, but I didn't find it that way myself. I think it was good.

The Pledge was a great book. I enjoyed reading it and feeling all those emotions that Dystopia books are trying to bring up. The book doesn't state a clear opinion about the way of life that should be carried out and I think it was a smart decision of the author. I highly recommend this one and definitely am going to read the next one!



Review: A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember
*This review includes some major spoilers (Let's face it, if you haven't read the book or watch the movie until now, you DO deserve it lol).

I fell in love with the movie in eighth grade, four years ago. I still can remember the whole situation: Two of my cousins and me watched it in their living room. I was shouting from the moment we knew Jamie was sick that she was going to die. Since then, I watched the movie a couple more times, and I'm absolutely willing to do that again. That kind of movies is getting to you every time.

Only years later I found out about a book which the movie is based on. Only years later I located it on a shelf in library with some more Nicholas Sparks' books. And then, I got to read the book.

When reading the book, I barely recognized the story. Yes, Jamie is still the priest's kid and Landon is a troubled boy, but all the motives are different. I admired Jamie in the movie, how she got to fight for her own, how she knows people were talking about her and still manages to stay joyful and believer. Jamie in the book is innocent, weak and helpless.

I watched how Sparks built his characters slowly and created their dialogues. However, mostly I get to hear "Jamie is.." or "We talked about that". Like I mentioned about another book a couple weeks ago, I didn't like it. I think that the magic in the writing is to show us instead of telling us.

The plot was a lot different than I have expected but I enjoyed it. Landon and Jamie's relationship was slowly built, which made it more reliable. I could feel Landon's fear, his confusion and doubts.

I am going to admit it: I loved the movie better, which seems a little unfair. I felt the characters were shown us a lot more in the movie than in the book and the plot was completed by events we didn't get in the book. While I have enjoyed a lot from Sparks' The Last Song and Dear John, I think A Walk To Remember was a nice book, but not good enough, especially when I know that Sparks can do better. The best thing about the book, it has been original. And I loved it for the movie.

P.S. In Hebrew, it's called "Unforgettable love story". I'd prefer the Original title without any doubt. Especially after reading the book and understanding why it is named that way.



Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, I used to write when I was upset. Which worked pretty good then, since I was always upset. I was confused, frustrated because of lives, my parents, my siblings, my friends and my studies.
When things got better, I lost all those negative emotions, but I lost my writing as well.

Tonight, I am feeling bad. I fought, I got some negative sayings directly to me. I did some stupid mistakes and I felt this emptiness inside me. All those things used to lead me to my writing. When I had the urge to open my story and to write, I realize it might be the only way it's working for me.

Have a good day/night, wherever you are.


In My Mailbox (10)

IMM is a feature hosted by Kristi from The Siren Story, which helps bloggers to share the books they've got.

I visited the library finally and found some great stuffs- Are you ready to see some Hebrew covers?

צילה (צלה) של הרוח         משחקו של המלאך

The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I have already read this one but I had to borrow it again for mom. I think I might read it again in Hebrew since the last time it wasn't that clear in English. Amazing book!

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This time is a book for me. It is a companion book for "The Shadow of The Wind" and I can't wait to read this one!

            הוסף לסל את סיפור אהבה בלתי נשכח / ניקולס ספארקס

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway. I heard some good things about this one. I actually borrowed it for my sister but I think I'd better check it out first.

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. Do I really need to say more than that? Already read this one- review will be posted later this week!


Other Words for Love

My copy of  "Other Words for Love" by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal looks amazing. I can't wait to read the book (:

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Review: Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane (Nightshade, #2)I didn't plan to read Wolfsbane today, I have some books that I thought I'd read first. At some point (yesterday's night), somehow I started recalling the first book in the series and what else is already a history.

Werewolfs. Come on, I couldn't resist it when I figured out what Nightshade's about. I always loved the werewolf better, even since my Twilight's days. I loved the pack feeling, the connection they have with each other, their rules and the fact they can still be human and change whatever they feel like (and not being forced).

Nightshade was a fantastic book; I've never written a review for it and now I regret this. But, let's talk about Wolfsbane, its gorgeous companion:

*Contains spoilers to Nightshade, but not to Wolfsbane*

I forgot a lot about the things we found out during the first book but as soon as the second book's plot picks up, I figured it wouldn't be a problem. Calla and Shay are getting a lot of explanations (even too much) about the Keepers, the Searchers and even about the guardians and themselves. We start to get some truth compared to all the lies we've heard in the first book and get to know about the Searcher's lives and history.

Calla, even away from her packmates, still acts as their leader, as a alpha. She is the characters I've been getting to love during the first book- loyal and caring. She is a fighter and she wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do, even not to Shay, whom she fell in love with and risk everything in her life for.

Shay's character is growing. Unlike the first book, where he mostly was controlled by Calla's choices, now he fights for doing his own decisions according to his faith. He want to keep Calla safe, but it's kind of difficult to do when Calla wouldn't let anyone keep her..

As I already said, the first part of the book was full of explanations. I'm going to tell you a secret: I sometimes skipped some sentences. I can't stand a long explanation, I'd rather to have a short, clear one. However, I'm not going to exaggerate: there not a lot "boring" parts and mostly they are filled up with jokes and more, but I felt we could use less information.

The writing was as good as in the first book. I enjoyed meeting some new great characters and trying to figure out what each's motive was. Calla's experiences and feelings were written well, I could have felt her pain and understood her confusion. Cremer's way of writing allowed me to get some of the new character's personalities too, to explore their secrets before them revealing them and to feel symapthy and connection to them.

One thing that bothered me about the book was having characters who quickly changes their mind. Like, one moments he wants to kill and then he's loyal. I would have found it more convincing if it was a progress.

I really enjoyed reading Wolfsbane, meeting the new and the old characters and getting to know another aspect of the story. It was wonderful, touching and exciting story and I can't wait to read the third book in the series, Bloodrose.



Review: Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne

I pushed myself to read Still Waters when I had the chance though I could sense it was not the book for me. Though it definitely had the potential to become a great one, I felt disappointment while reading it.

Still Waters
Still Waters tell us about a couple who leave the city for the weekend. Colin is going to leave for college in a few days and Hannah can't let him go without them having fun together for the last time. So, they're on their way to The Pine House when things get weird.

Let's start with the characters; Colin, even before things have gone wrong, wasn't someone I'd like. He seems to love Hannah but I felt he was arrogant and self-centered too. Hannah, in the other way, always acts for her family. I admired her for that but then she would come out with strange thoughts, she was too much worried and it didn't make any sense, she was paranoid. Moreover, she let Colin controls their conversations and their actions. Both characters were not built as good as I hoped for and during the book I didn't learn almost anything new about them- as, why is Hannah acting this way? What happened between the two of them in the time they were together?
If I had explanations, maybe I could have get it. If only could I get it, I would believe it.

The plot drove me crazy. I can understand when the beginning is a bit slow, but how far? Up to half the book, I felt nothing for each characters and I wouldn't mind to stop reading. When it becomes interesting, the regular things came back- this certaintly was the longest weekend in my life. I think the author should have included more events in the book. At some point, I got tired of reading about them doing the usual, eating and sleeping. You have the whole weekend, get out and find some great thing to do! And when Hannah started to sense things, I didn't get why she should be scared. I wasn't. (Until some a very far chapter)

The writing was good, but nothing special. In some parts, the narrator would have jumped from one subject to another without any relation between them. I didn't like that, but I mostly enjoyed the writing.

I found in the book a lot of things I didn't like and I think this book wasn't meant for me. I knew from the very beginning (the blurb) that chances I won't like it are high. However, I believe this book is good and some people can enjoy it a lot more that I did. My opinion is- If you find the blurb interesting, give this book a try.



In My Mailbox (9)

Hey everybody! Welcome to another IMM post. This feature is hosted by The Story Siren, so be sure to visit and to check out some other IMM posts! 
What I've got this week? Let's see.. 

I bought two books- 
1. Vampire Academy (wrapped) by Richelle Mead. My friend is having a birthday in a week and I wanted to give her this amazing book (: 
2. City of Bones by Cassandra Claire (Hebrew Edition)- I already have this US edition but I want my friends to read it so I might give it to my cousin or something. 

Let's see how they look:  

 בשבוע הקרוב                       

And- I had a surprise in the mail this week. I really hadn't expected to receive this one, but I was so happy to find it in there: 

You probably don't have any idea what it is so I'll tell you: It's the ARC of the Hebrew Edition for Mockingjay. People hate me here, lol, seriously! My cousins want to borrow this one, which comes out only in Thursday. (I didn't need to write a review about this one, but I did it anyway)
It was great to read it again in Hebrew (already own it in English), but I surprised to find out my English isn't that bad. 


Guess what arrived just after I've done this post?? 

YES! Sorry for the dark pic, sun doesn't like us these days.. 
Well, while everyone is talking about Bloodrose, let me be excited for my shiny copy of Wolfsbane!! 
I know some people are disappointed by the end of the series, but, I guess I'm going to cross this bridge when I get to it. 

I hope you're having a great week! 
What was in your mailbox?? 


Review: Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be (The Saving Angels, #1)I have heard a few good things about "Meant to Be", so I got the ebook version when I had a chance and started to read it without hesitation. While the book is fine, I couldn't find it as a my type of books. I had a difficulty accepting the plot and some of the characters. I'll try to explain about that in this review.

Krista is the new girl in town, dealing with her father's death and her weird feeling. Surprisingly, she find a girl who happens to be a her soul mate. While I understood that the soul-mating thing happened to be a part of the story, I thought it was weird that she was the first girl Krista run into in the new school. It was kind of absurd, and not in a good way.

As the story keeps on, I could not relate to any of them. Krista is barely social; she tries to keep it down and to stay only with the first girl, Sam. Somehow, it seems their connection gets stronger without any reason I can see; we heard about their conversations but we usually hears Krista's voice telling us how they're so much alike.

Later, Krista meets Mark. He is not the usual guy and there is something weird about him that she couldn't figure out. The relationship between both of them easily develops, too much easily, consider the situation. Though I've already mentioned Krista is not social, she happens to act exactly like that around Mark, what doesn't only surprise me but makes all this to feel unreliable.

Krista keeps telling us what she feels. However, I can't see it myself. She tells what she feels about Mark, but I don't get why. She tells how likes her new friends, how they work and hang out as a group, but mostly we hear: "we go there" or "we talked about that". It's like having a friend telling me about events happen to her, I don't feel like a part of the story.

I didn't feel any connection to any of the characters. Some were built good, as her mother, but we didn't get to see her much. Actually, most of the book they spent 'searching' and not finding anything. I felt like a huge part of the plot was missing. Only the last chapters were better.

Again, Meant to Be is apparently not my book's type. I don't think I should like every book I read and it's cool. I heard some great bloggers liked this one a lot better than I did. I'm not sure about the next book in the series, I will have to wait and see if I am interested. Go check out the book if you look for a different kind of paranormal.



Review: Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

I haven't read too many contemporary books lately. I saw Bittersweet on my Pulse It account and thought- "why not?" so I started reading.

BittersweetI surely didn't expect Bittersweet to overtake and leave behind so many great books. While Anna and The French Kiss and Catching Jordan were some of my favorite books for 2011, Bittersweet can be set in the same setting as my all-time-favorite-contemporary-book, Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever.

The narrator of Bittersweet is Hudson Avery. Three years ago, she decided of giving up her glamorous future because of her parents. Her family was (and still is) a mess. She was afraid of it to broke apart and she knew she had been the only reason it hadn't. Though, she made her choice and had to live with the consequences.

I liked Hudson. She wasn't very brave girl, she wants to make everyone happy and she totally sacrifices her own happiness all the time. Even when I got angry with her, she was believable and reliable. I knew she had to do that, I believed her when she said so. She is magical; she is loved though she can't see it, she is needed. She is strong and incredible, definitely an exceptional character.

The other characters aren't any less good. Her mother is a complicated one; some of you might hate her and some of you might not. I think that made her so human, she has a lot of issues and she deals with them in her own way. Her brother is a little cute genius. Do you know it when your younger siblings say something that makes you so proud and you want to go tell everybody about it? That's exactly the boy's type. Absolutely adorable. Dani, Josh, Will and Kara were great characters; I can tell you what I liked about any of them but it's probably going to take all the day.

The writing was amazing. I loved the fact that the author could go from one topic to another without even blinking, that Hudson's memories were scattered gracefully along the story, that I could perfectly imagine how she felt without needing her to tell me.

The plot doesn't seem to be too fast or too slow; it picks its own melody and follows it patiently. You want things to happen so badly but they can't; it isn't their time. You know it, you shut up and read the story. While I trusted the author blindly to her perfect end, I was experienced the twists, the excitement and every other emotion I could have.

A perfect start for 2012. I'd not change anything in this book; I couldn't even think about it while reading until very early in the morning and hoping to get a little more of its magic. Loved every second, very recommended!

January 3rd, 2012.
Simon Pulse.
Source: Pulse It.
Challenge: Contemporary & Standalone.


Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I have read Bloodlines four months ago. Yet, I haven't reviewed or rated this book until now. You could think it's because of laziness or a lack of a will, but it's none of those. Actually, I can't count the times I opened a new post and started typing a review. I just couldn't.

I have read Vampire Academy's first book about three-four years ago. Then, I barely read in English and didn't know enough about paranormal. Reading this book was a dream comes true. When I finished, I was like: "It was amazing!! I need to get more!!!" And I did.

I read Frostbite and loved it. And for now on, I waited impatiently for any other book in the series and never was disappointed. I thought the series' ending was kind of too-much-happy, but I dealt with it, it was still great.

Bloodlines is a first book in a series. It makes the background for the other books. It is one about the characters, about the past and their stories. It's a book where we know other characters, the setting and the facts we have to learn. It could be better, but it is still good.

I wasn't prepare for that because I knew Richelle's awesome books. I knew the first book in VA series wasn't as great as the others. I still hoped for a lot more from Bloodlines and I was disappointed. I couldn't rate this one because I couldn't bring myself to give it less that five stars. It actually deserves four tops, maybe three and half.

Let's tell you what I did like. Remember our amazing characters? Sydney, the control-freak; Adrian, brokenhearted, who can't be controlled; Eddie, who fights harder anytime; and of course princess Jill, who doesn't have any idea what she wants and what everybody do. They rock this book, of course. Every one of them is exactly the same, learns and changes during the book. Each of them deserves my love.

Richelle's writing is always the greatest. I love it, the way I could relate to Sydney as I related to Rose, the descriptions, the dialogues, the characters' building and about everything else.

The plot is my problem. I believe the lack of it was what made the book less than perfect. Too much descriptions, times moves too slow and we are reading about things we really don't want to read about. I know it could be better, only from the last chapters, I could feel Richelle's magic again. I could really love any moment.

So, don't take it hard (I'm trying to convince myself too). In Hebrew, we say that judge the hardest the best people. It is exactly like that; I judge the book so hard because Vampire Academy is one of my favorites series. I'm still looking forward Golden Lily and as I see it, the second one is going to rock. Remember what I said.



2012 YA Contemporary

Since I've already participating in some challenges, I figured another one won't kill me. Well, it might, but it is contemporary! I have to.

I am going for level 2- 10 books that are released in 2012. I'm sure going to read some more contemporary, but probable older ones. It's a great genre.
I won't list them yet, but after a read them.
If you're interested in the challenge, go over to Katie's Book Blog.

The books:
1. Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler.
2. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen.
3. Where It Began by Anne Redisch Stampler

4. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith 
5. Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

Come check my progress later!



Review: Across The Universe by Beth Revis

Across the UniverseWhy hasn't anybody told me I love Science-Fiction? I didn't get to read a lot of them, besides The Host, which I loved. Revis' Across the Universe was a great read, which is totally counted as one of my favorites for this year.

I didn't get a lot in the first chapter. I was drawn to the story without even realizing what it's all about. Yep, I don't read blurbs every often and didn't read this, I just read and was surprised to find out that even if I don't understand what happens, I like it.

The writing, then, was one of the reason that I loved this book. How can you really read a book about people who live so differently, without it to be written well? Come on. I tried to get their feeling, I couldn't. However, somehow I adapted to this reality, I felt like a part of Amy and Elder's story.

This book contains a lot of mystery. When you read about a character, you are left thinking. You need to figure out who you hate and who you like; I think I hate most of them. Even though, I could appreciate who well they were built. They made me doubt my guess, doing unexpected things. You think you can figure them all out, and I say- you absolutely can't.

I liked Amy and Elder. Amy seems like a weak, she cries and freaks out. Actually, I could relate to her. I could get what all of it about (who can't?) and I believe she is strong, more than she knows. Elder is exactly the opposite; he needed to be strong, he thinks he can do everything. In fact, he should listen more, sometimes he should sit quietly and watch around him. I think that way he wouldn't miss some obvious facts.

And the plot. It nearly killed me. It kept me awake at night: it made me keep eyes inside the book for all the day. Some twists were great, some other were even greater! I loved the mystery, the feeling that made me keep guessing all the time (even when my guesses turn to be ridiculous), the events that came when the time was right and absolutely the no-idea-how-they-are-going-to-solve-it feeling I had.

The ending was amazing. It was one of those that make eyes go wide and you want to read the sequel right then. Well, luckily, A Million Suns is almost out so I'll not have to wait long to get it.

So, the short line? I didn't expected this. Seriously, I didn't think this book was good enough. Then I read it and everything changed. One of my favorites of this year!


In My Mailbox (8)

IMM is a feature hosted by The Story Siren. In this post, we share the books we bought, received or borrowed. Feel welcomed to take a part! 

First IMM post for 2012, how exciting is it?! Well, last week I went to a sale and bought some great books. Three of them for my brother & my two sisters, which happened to be a mistake since they were angry at me for buying them books. Actually, all of them started reading the books I bought so it was okay in the end. I bought two books for my mom and for me, two of them aren't YA or paranormal. I needed to read some other genres.

Someone Knows My NameHanaara Bamirpeset Mimul

Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill
Hannara Bamirpeset Mimul by Nava Makmel-Atir (Israeli Author)

The Demon's Lexicon (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy, #1)

The Demon's Lexicon by Sara Rees Brennan- In Hebrew, for my brother.

מאלאדר קסם הקמע

Maladar by Liat Rotner (Israeli Author- fantasy book)- For my sister. 

The Witch's Children

The Witch's children by Ursula Jones & Russell Ayto- In Hebrew, for my younger sister. 

So, tell me, how awesome sister am I?! Lol. Of course I'm going to read their books too.
Leave a link for your mailbox and I'll stop by! (: 


Wrapping Up Readathon

Hey! The Wrapping Up Readathon ended last night, and those are the book I managed to read during the readathon:

Dark InsideHeroic Measures: A Novel 

Across the Universe

Someone Knows My NameMeant to Be (The Saving Angels, #1)

I had a lot of fun participating the readathon and two of these books made it to my favorites of this year.  
I read 1,532 pages- five books, meaning I completed my goal.

Thank to Jessie from Remarkable Reads and to everybody who took a part of it!

Across The Universe by Beth Revis.