Review: Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I have read Bloodlines four months ago. Yet, I haven't reviewed or rated this book until now. You could think it's because of laziness or a lack of a will, but it's none of those. Actually, I can't count the times I opened a new post and started typing a review. I just couldn't.

I have read Vampire Academy's first book about three-four years ago. Then, I barely read in English and didn't know enough about paranormal. Reading this book was a dream comes true. When I finished, I was like: "It was amazing!! I need to get more!!!" And I did.

I read Frostbite and loved it. And for now on, I waited impatiently for any other book in the series and never was disappointed. I thought the series' ending was kind of too-much-happy, but I dealt with it, it was still great.

Bloodlines is a first book in a series. It makes the background for the other books. It is one about the characters, about the past and their stories. It's a book where we know other characters, the setting and the facts we have to learn. It could be better, but it is still good.

I wasn't prepare for that because I knew Richelle's awesome books. I knew the first book in VA series wasn't as great as the others. I still hoped for a lot more from Bloodlines and I was disappointed. I couldn't rate this one because I couldn't bring myself to give it less that five stars. It actually deserves four tops, maybe three and half.

Let's tell you what I did like. Remember our amazing characters? Sydney, the control-freak; Adrian, brokenhearted, who can't be controlled; Eddie, who fights harder anytime; and of course princess Jill, who doesn't have any idea what she wants and what everybody do. They rock this book, of course. Every one of them is exactly the same, learns and changes during the book. Each of them deserves my love.

Richelle's writing is always the greatest. I love it, the way I could relate to Sydney as I related to Rose, the descriptions, the dialogues, the characters' building and about everything else.

The plot is my problem. I believe the lack of it was what made the book less than perfect. Too much descriptions, times moves too slow and we are reading about things we really don't want to read about. I know it could be better, only from the last chapters, I could feel Richelle's magic again. I could really love any moment.

So, don't take it hard (I'm trying to convince myself too). In Hebrew, we say that judge the hardest the best people. It is exactly like that; I judge the book so hard because Vampire Academy is one of my favorites series. I'm still looking forward Golden Lily and as I see it, the second one is going to rock. Remember what I said.


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