Review: Across The Universe by Beth Revis

Across the UniverseWhy hasn't anybody told me I love Science-Fiction? I didn't get to read a lot of them, besides The Host, which I loved. Revis' Across the Universe was a great read, which is totally counted as one of my favorites for this year.

I didn't get a lot in the first chapter. I was drawn to the story without even realizing what it's all about. Yep, I don't read blurbs every often and didn't read this, I just read and was surprised to find out that even if I don't understand what happens, I like it.

The writing, then, was one of the reason that I loved this book. How can you really read a book about people who live so differently, without it to be written well? Come on. I tried to get their feeling, I couldn't. However, somehow I adapted to this reality, I felt like a part of Amy and Elder's story.

This book contains a lot of mystery. When you read about a character, you are left thinking. You need to figure out who you hate and who you like; I think I hate most of them. Even though, I could appreciate who well they were built. They made me doubt my guess, doing unexpected things. You think you can figure them all out, and I say- you absolutely can't.

I liked Amy and Elder. Amy seems like a weak, she cries and freaks out. Actually, I could relate to her. I could get what all of it about (who can't?) and I believe she is strong, more than she knows. Elder is exactly the opposite; he needed to be strong, he thinks he can do everything. In fact, he should listen more, sometimes he should sit quietly and watch around him. I think that way he wouldn't miss some obvious facts.

And the plot. It nearly killed me. It kept me awake at night: it made me keep eyes inside the book for all the day. Some twists were great, some other were even greater! I loved the mystery, the feeling that made me keep guessing all the time (even when my guesses turn to be ridiculous), the events that came when the time was right and absolutely the no-idea-how-they-are-going-to-solve-it feeling I had.

The ending was amazing. It was one of those that make eyes go wide and you want to read the sequel right then. Well, luckily, A Million Suns is almost out so I'll not have to wait long to get it.

So, the short line? I didn't expected this. Seriously, I didn't think this book was good enough. Then I read it and everything changed. One of my favorites of this year!


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