Review: Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be (The Saving Angels, #1)I have heard a few good things about "Meant to Be", so I got the ebook version when I had a chance and started to read it without hesitation. While the book is fine, I couldn't find it as a my type of books. I had a difficulty accepting the plot and some of the characters. I'll try to explain about that in this review.

Krista is the new girl in town, dealing with her father's death and her weird feeling. Surprisingly, she find a girl who happens to be a her soul mate. While I understood that the soul-mating thing happened to be a part of the story, I thought it was weird that she was the first girl Krista run into in the new school. It was kind of absurd, and not in a good way.

As the story keeps on, I could not relate to any of them. Krista is barely social; she tries to keep it down and to stay only with the first girl, Sam. Somehow, it seems their connection gets stronger without any reason I can see; we heard about their conversations but we usually hears Krista's voice telling us how they're so much alike.

Later, Krista meets Mark. He is not the usual guy and there is something weird about him that she couldn't figure out. The relationship between both of them easily develops, too much easily, consider the situation. Though I've already mentioned Krista is not social, she happens to act exactly like that around Mark, what doesn't only surprise me but makes all this to feel unreliable.

Krista keeps telling us what she feels. However, I can't see it myself. She tells what she feels about Mark, but I don't get why. She tells how likes her new friends, how they work and hang out as a group, but mostly we hear: "we go there" or "we talked about that". It's like having a friend telling me about events happen to her, I don't feel like a part of the story.

I didn't feel any connection to any of the characters. Some were built good, as her mother, but we didn't get to see her much. Actually, most of the book they spent 'searching' and not finding anything. I felt like a huge part of the plot was missing. Only the last chapters were better.

Again, Meant to Be is apparently not my book's type. I don't think I should like every book I read and it's cool. I heard some great bloggers liked this one a lot better than I did. I'm not sure about the next book in the series, I will have to wait and see if I am interested. Go check out the book if you look for a different kind of paranormal.


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