Review: White Cat by Holly Black

I've heard of Holly Black even before I came across this book, (I mean, who hasn't?) I just didn't get the chance to read anything by her, it's not like it's waiting for me on a shelf in the library. (Unfortunately)
I got the audiobook for free download and that's how it all started..

White Cat is a book I needed to remind me why I love Paranormal so much. It reminded me why I love Jesse Eisenberg, as well. It was so much fun to listen to this book, to feel the story beyond its words.

White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)I wrote before "to remind me why I love paranormal so much," and almost regretted it. I wanted to deleted it, convinced it wasn't true. I had a lot of great paranormal books lately, why is this one so different? 

The first reason is the obvious, the male protagonist. I had read only one YA book with a male protagonist, you know how much it's rare.. It was refreshing, for once. It wasn't difficult to get into Cassel's head and I felt his character's point of view was great. His character was wonderful, full of flaws that made him so human. The things he goes through the book not only changing him but letting you know him better, to relate to him.Cassel's world is unique, his definition of wrong and right is different than most people's. However, If at the beginning I didn't understand him at all, as the time pass, I got to realize what his motives, to see the world through his eyes.  

The beginning. Wow, seriously, I don't remember when a book started so good, so differently. I mean it, I listened to the first part twice, tried to find what I missed. I didn't, I just thrown into the story without realizing it. The book gets to the plot at page 1, Holly doesn't waste any time, Cassel needs to deal with things already at the first line. Maybe it sounds a little confusing, it is, but it's good. It's dangerous move, but it turned out to be a genius one.  

The characters. It's hard to find a book which contains a lot of written-well characters, but here's one. I loved the variety and the differences between them, the easy building of each one. Even the characters I didn't like at all seemed great to me. Each of them was so natural, their personalities are seen perfectly. (Right now, one of my biggest problem about my writing is the characters, so I usually pay attention to that when I read. It is one of the books I'd like to learn about creating better characters.)

The plot is good, very unexpected and interesting. The curse workers is an idea which may sound known, but I actually can't remember I read anything like that before, I found the story really original. Cassel's family was nothing like I expected. The explanations were clear and the background details during the story were good, yet every time I get to find out more information that I didn't know was missing. 

Well, do you know these books when the last lines make you to want the sequels so badly? It was one of these. I NEED its sequel! I was shocked.. it was frustrating and so unfair to finish the book like that, but I have to admit it was a great ending! 

So this book was amazing, I loved it! It's going to be one of my favorites, for sure though I still can't explain why I found this one a little different than other paranormal books I've read. Moreover, Jesse's voice made everything sound even better, so far he's the best narrator I've listened to. (Out of 3, doesn't count, but he's good, trust me. ) I can't wait for getting Red Glove, I need the story to continue! 

BTW, a few days before I started this one, I heard it's going to be translated to Hebrew. I hope it'll be soon, I'll share the cover with you when it happens :D


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