Review: The keepers by Monique O'Connor James

When I started reading The Keepers, it seemed to me it was going to be a nice book to spend my time with. Now, after reading it, I feel it was more than that. The Keepers is a book about dealing with loss, pain and faith.

The Keepers tells us about Jess, a girl who finds difficulties on believing in God after her mother's death. She decides to run away, leaving her reality behind her in order to find a safe place, where she shouldn't have to deal with her issues.

I loved the characters, every each. Every one of them has his own story and acts by his beliefs. Jordan, Jess' brother, was one of my favorites. I liked the relationship between him and Jess, how they seemed to take care of each other in addition to their own problems.

Usually I hate many descriptions but this time, in The Keepers, I loved the city's descriptions. I felt like I could be there with Jess and see everything through her eyes even though I haven't been to New Orleans before.

However, sometimes I felt like I don't know enough. Yeah, I love the mystery part and wish every book had it, but not about important stuffs. It took me forever to find out what was Jess' age, and it was like none was clear about her past. Has she worked before, studied? Not clear. What about her previous friends? I felt like she had no life besides her family before the book started.

The paranormal part couldn't be separated from the story, and I truly loved it. I had a little problem with Jess accepting right away to things but she made up for that describing her fears and her history.

This book is a process about finding a goal. Not only did Jess lose her faith in God but in the lives themselves. It seems she is about to find another direction in her life, one she hasn't expected for.

Thanks to Young Readers and to Monique O'Connor James for the Ebook! (: