Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Let me start with the cover: It's amazing. I loved it the first second I saw it and knew I had to get this book.. Well, I did.

The Iron King is one of the books I kept hearing about them since I first found goodreads and started visiting book blogs. After seeing the cover (I don't reject a book by its cover but a good one might attract me more, obviously) and hearing the recommendations, I decided to buy it. It wasn't easy, it spent a lot of time in my wishlist but it waited patiently until I did this amazing buying a few weeks ago and finally purchased it.

I'd like to say I was captured from the first page but it wasn't the case here. I found the first chapters cute and fun and I wanted to find out what's going to happen but I felt like it wasn't good as I hoped for.

Well, I ended up loving the book. It was great, hilarious, and full of actions. It seems you have no second to rest while reading this book- there is always place to get to and fast. It's not easy when the story doesn't leave you minutes to breath and that's part of its magic.

I loved the complex in the story, good and bad, new and old, known and unknown, paranormal against normal. Yeah, I was afraid this book wasn't good enough and as I kept reading, I totally changed my mind.

I think the characters are awesome, I could understand Meghan and the reasons she does everything- sometimes she was too reckless for me but I realized her motives. Puck was great; I loved his character from the beginning, he is so protective and kind, and absolutely funny. And there are Ash, Ethan and Grim which made the story so good, but I'd not want to tell spoilers so I stop here.

I'm glad I've read this one and not giving up on it in the middle, it was undoubtedly worth it, as I'm sure you all already know.   

side note: I don't include summaries in my reviews. I used to read them and find spoilers so I don't do that anymore, most the time I choose my books differently. My reviews include only my thoughts and feelings about the books. If you'd like to find the book's summary, I'd refer you to sites like goodreads or amazon.

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