Just an update.

I think I'm starting to get all the pressure bloggers are talking about. I tried to write a review a copule of times without any luck, just couldn't. I don't know what the problem is because I know perfectly clear what I want to write.. Well, I guess it's like writing, I will have to keep trying.

Anyway, not sure if I'm going to do IMM this week since all my books arrived last week and you saw them. I have nothing new but some audiobooks and ebooks.. And my paperback copy of  Anna and The French Kiss that should come these days, can't wait for this one! Bloodlines should be here in the end of the month, too : D Maybe I need to re-read Vampire Academy again? *Sigh* I wish, but I have too many books to read and I need to focus back on my story.. meaning, I have to read all of it again and fix what messed up. It's going to be tough, I know that but I have barely a month left before school starts and I have to do something useful. I gave it a little break and now it's time to find the lost parts and get back to work, right?

Yesterday I started reading Lock and Key. I read until page 194, which apparently was missing. I couldn't stop so I skipped this page and moved on.. only to find that pages 197-198 were missing too! Well, like if it weren't enough, I kept finding blank pages in the rest of the book. Of course I couldn't keep reading and now I have to go to the bookstore in order to replace my copy. How annoying is that?
I really wish I could find out what happens next!

Well, I've got a letter this week. My dad told me I got "English Letter" but he can't find it anywhere. I wasn't sure what it was but who can send me "English letter"? lol. Finally he found it, and I saw these inside...

Thank to Carla (from Library Mosaic) and to Beth Revis! Loved it!! I've never had a author's signature before! :D

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