Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Wither came out in Hebrew a couple weeks ago. I got excited and really looked forward reading it. Actually, I've heard opposing opinions; some people really liked the book while others couldn't. I borrowed the book from the library to check for myself.

Rhine lives in the futuristic reality, where scientists succeed treating diseases and improving the human health. After a generation, they found out their deeds have consequences. When we open the book, we see the world in a sensitive situation, where there are pain, poverty and death. While most people live in this condition, there are the richest people as well; those who take advantage of others. Rhine is taken, unwillingly, to live the better, rich life.

I can't put the finger on the thing that bothered me the most about this book. With this intriguing plot and interesting characters, I expected to find a fascinating book. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. The plot is spread on uneven time's spaces, the characters weren't enough believable and the book itself wasn't so original.

The plot is attractive, but in the same time is expected. I couldn't feel Rhine's conflicts clearly and sometimes felt    her actions are done because of her caprices. I think most of the people who liked the book had found Rhine as a character whom they can easily relate to. However, for me, Rhine wasn't a fighter nor a stubborn person but a girl who couldn't convince me why her actions are done.

The writing was good; I liked the way the author could move to past events so smoothly. Characters and places were well described and I could get the general picture.

I'd not say I didn't enjoyed reading the book, that would be a lie. But I was disappointed to find out my guesses about the plot and the end were right. I'd say this book can be a lot better, I felt its potential wasn't executed.


  1. Well thought out review :-) I'm hoping to start on Wither, and can't wait to see what it's all about. I like to relate with the main character, so can understand why this one didn't work for you.

  2. I received the book a few days ago, haven't had the time to read it so far. I also heard a lot opposing opinions about this one, most people had pretty much the same opinio as you. And well, that sucks... I was really looking forward to read it, but now I'm a lot less eager.

    1. A friend told me negative things right before I read it. Before that, I don't remember hearing anything bad.
      I really hope you will feel differently and like this book. Happy reading!