Review: Past Perfect by Leila Sales

Apparently, every time I leave school early because I don't feel good, a great book waits for me in my house. I should do that more often. Today, let me tell you about Past Perfect by Leila Sales.

Past PerfectChelsea has worked in Essex Historical Colonial Village since she has been a little girl. Although she wants to, she doesn't seem capable of leaving this behind, along with some other things. When Chelsea finds herself in Essex again, she is involved in a war both in past, at the colonial times, and in the present, when she and her friends have to handle the other History museum, the Civil War's, located the other side of the street.

Though Chelsea wasn't my favorite protagonist, I could relate to her feeling to be stuck in the past and not let go. I knew how she felt, I sometimes feel the same. To read this book was experiencing my life through another point of view. It had a huge impression on me. I could see both sides at the same time and finally to get this feeling and the way to deal with it.

The characters were great; I could see them through Chelsea's eyes. When they were described differently, I was as surprised as she was. Fiona was an awesome character, she was funny and supportive. I understood why she was so important to Chelsea. Besides, the character was a wonderful addition to the book.

The thing about this book- everything is taken seriously. Too much? I don't know. They're playing a game but everyone seems to believe this is their actual mission, a thing they have to fight for with all they've got. Sometimes I wish I could shake them and shout in their ears that it's only a game, it's not real. In the end, it was amusing to read this book, to try to forget they're almost adult and to let them feel kids for one last time.

In fact, let me tell you I haven't planned to read this book. I thought it'd be sad, maybe because its name, but I don't regret for reading it. It was a real pleasure; the book is full of unforgettable quotes (I mentioned a few in the end) and lives' events dealt both seriously and amusingly. If you like Contemporary novels, don't give up on this one.

Unforgettable quotes:
"What really happened doesn't matter. What matters is how we agree to remember it."
"You are two from different times, and different worlds. It wouldn't work."
"This town is big enough for only one American living."


  1. Great review. I'd seen this book on a few blogs, but didn't really consider picking it up. Sounds worth it though! I love well drawn characters.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're considering reading the book.