Review: The Shadow Of The Wind

The Shadow of the Wind

I picked The Shadow Of The Wind in the first time in the library a couple of weeks ago, remembering someone recommend it to me. I still can't recall who this person was, but I'm very thankful.

This book can be easily rated as five stars, and has all the things a good book should include. It is written very well, has a variety of good characters and a complex plot. The book tells us a man's story, actually two men's stories. Daniel's, a boy who finds a forgotten book, and Julian's, the author. The book is a journey, one that starts in the first page of the book and ends only in the last. You have no choice but getting carried away and find out what all the mystery's about.

However, I feel like I didn't like the book as much as it deserves. I mean, I liked it a lot, but apparently not enough. I'm not sure why, maybe the language was too difficult for me so I shouldn't have read it in English. Maybe there are some parts which were too long. I took a break for a week and continued the last 150 pages today.. I don't regret finishing it.

Overall, this book was amazing. It has unique plot that shows the power of one book and its impact on the writer and the reader as well. I loved how past and present got united by those stories, bringing to life old stories and memories. This book helped me realize again why writing and reading are so important to me.
It'll be hard to forget this one.


My first review on the blog. Tell me how I did? (:

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