An Opening Post

As you probably have already figured it out, I am a writer. Most of my life I handled it alone, I can't recall when exactly I started, but only in middle-grade I started taking it as a real hobby. Well, most of the time I've been writing alone. When I say "alone", I mean no one read it and almost no one knew about it.
A few years ago, I told my friends. Well, I didn't exactly "tell" them, I think they already knew about it, but it's not the point. Twitter was the first time I talked about my writing in public, it's not much, but it's all I've got. I've known there people who would like to support, no matter who you are.
I finished my first completed story three months ago. Right now I don't care about publishing and I don't think it's  good enough to be published. I wanted to finish it in order to prove myself that I can, that my love for writing is more than just as "a hobby", more like a way of life. I wanted to know that not only can I start a story (a novel, I guess, by its length), I can finish it too. I did it after almost a year.
I'm not sure when the problems started- aren't there always?- but lately, they seem more than just rocks in the path. Now that I think about that, maybe it had to do something with me being serious about writing, I don't know.
I've started struggling, getting frustrated and even considered quitting. I couldn't. I just kept opening the file every couple of hours and thought how I could do it better. I couldn't do that too. I erased over 7k, a big deal to a person who writes slowly.
So now it's better, now I have fewer struggles to win over and I think I've done the right thing. It doesn't mean problems are over, of course. I don't think they ever are.

I'm opening this blog to tell you all about me, my writing and my story. Maybe a little bit about everything.
I'd like to get your comments and I hope you'd enjoy the visit.

P.S. Maybe it seems my writing isn't that good, but it's because I'm writing now in English. My stories are written in Hebrew, and I think my writing is way better than this (;

Thanks for visiting, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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