Review Question

Review Question

A few weeks ago, I've written a review for one of my favorite books. I decided to write this one because I've not reviewed the book in the first time I've read it and that's was great chance after re-reading the book.
When the review was complete, I left it as a draft. I kept getting back to it but every time I just closed the post and moved on. I couldn't post it, because it was too personal.
Doesn't it? What we find in our favorite books?
My favorite characters are the ones I wish to be like, ones I can admire and look up to. My favorite books are the ones that find the way into my heart and stay there, they usually remind me something of me, something of my life. If the main character is dealing with a huge issue I've got, could I just go and share it with the world? No. I personally can't. As much as I love the book and as much as I want to go and say: "Hey! This author totally gets me. It's not only a story for my pleasure but a way to help me dealing. To point the issues I struggle with, to try to figure them out."
It can be an event in life, a characteristic in my personality or anything about me. I understand that if I want to review this book, I'll have to cut the personal stuff. The writing and the plot are awesome, but the characters and their life.. my favorite part of the story will be summed up into a few un-personal sentecnce which can't be said about any book. But it changed me and it left a huge impact on me. I wish I could say that.

Please share your thoughts! Have you ever dealt with this situation? Would you share a review like this or keep it to yourself?

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