Review: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

The only reason I've got to read Jane Eyre is my friend. Once upon a time, we were like books-pals. I introduced her to Harry Potter, she convinced me to read The Princess' Diaries. The Host is a book we cannot stop talking about a few years later. It hurt both of us when she stopped reading. She has read a couple of books since then.. but it's not the same.

The thing is, like I've said already, she is the reason I was heading out of the library with Jane Eyre. She just shoved it to my hands, saying I must read this one, this book is awesome. I had to believe her, she is someone I can trust with all my instincts (well, at least when it comes to books) so I tried this one. 


Jane Eyreג'יין אייר / שרלוט ברונטהI have to state; Classic books are slow. That's why it took me over hundred pages to like this book. For the first chapters, I could feel this book's potential but it wasn't executed. I kept reading and waiting.. I'm glad to say it was worth it. 

Jane is my favorite part of the story. While I was bored for the few first chapters, Jane was the light in the darkness. I loved how honest she was, her stubbornness, her courage and especially her will to believe there is something better out there, her belief that someday she'll go to her own adventures.

My feeling for Mr. Rochester were ranged between love and hatred. On the one hand, he was the guy you'd love to see confessing his love. On the other hand, he was so cold and it really annoyed me to see how he treated everyone, how he got amused by their accounts. 
Brontë did amazing job describing her characters, the places and the lifestyle of those days. It might be difficult for us to get used to the things people used to do then, but I liked the "past" feeling. The writing indeed took us to another place in another time. 

I wish some parts were shorted and some others were longer. However, I really enjoyed this one. This is definitely a book worth reading for everyone. I think I'm going to read some classic books soon! 


  1. Thanks for the review...
    maybe I'll read it some day :)