Review: Pushing The Limits By Katie McGarry

You see, all this hype around a book can make me purposely avoid it because it'd not be that good. Sometimes, you find unexpected surprise that doesn't fit into that category. And this time, I was very glad I've chose this book.
Pushing the LimitsThe writing, the story which contains so much more than a regular love story or teenager's issues. This book has been the first one in ages to bring tears to my eyes. So many emotions I forgot a book can arise in me.

 I loved it. Really really loved it. It's one of the very few books this year I'm going to give the full rating. I'm going to wait impatiently for Katie McGarry's next books and to tell you this: Read the books. 

Without a doubt, one of the best contemporary YA books I've read. 


  1. I'm also waiting for Katie's next book, although I didn't love Pushing The Limits as much as everyone else. She's got a great writing!

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